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About Us

Welcome to Harleigh Cemetery

Harleigh Cemetery with its peaceful and lush grounds allow Walt Whitman's words to be realized. The calming placid waters, the grassy slope, the mature foliage with it's bounty of color, and the gentle rolling hills, all make this historic cemetery a true final "resting" place. Opened in 1885, Harleigh Cemetery has been lovingly maintained through the years with it's heart in history and an eye to the future.

"So welcome death; whene'er the time that the dead summons must be met, I'll yield without one pang of awe, or sigh, or vain regret."

- Walt Whitman
Planning Steps

Advanced Funeral and Cremation Planning



Let us help you express, in writing, what it is you really want.


A legacy is part of the story of your life. How would you like to be remembered?


Getting your finances in order feels great and reduces stress for your loved ones.


Your family is your most cherished gift, don't leave them with overwhelming decisions on your behalf.


Simple or advanced, planning ahead gives you great peace of mind.


Keep the peace and order in your family - Now's the time to plan appropriately.
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Your Community Cemetery Since 1885

Here at Harleigh, we are in the business to serve families, one at a time in the communities surrounding the cemetery, by educating and guiding each person with the importance of preplanning.

With caring and compassion, we will guide them toward realistic burial, mausoleum, and cremation options.

To that end, we will make certain we are providing what they need and can afford. Only then are we truly serving.

We are a different kind of company, with a commitment to the families and communities we serve and also to the special people, our people, who will help us honor that intention.

We are rapidly evolving toward a more holistic culture that puts service before ego. Our intention is to truly earn our successes with honesty and compassion at every level of our operation.

We are caretakers, caregivers and perhaps most important from a business perspective we are care - guiders.

I believe in the mission and core values of our company and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to help others and serve Harleigh Cemetery Association, a wonderful non-profit organization.

-Louis Cicalese, President

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